New Age (May 1981)

New Age
Published: May 30, 1981
New Haven, CT

1980s Rock And Roll
GGL And The Jabbers
Interview with GG by Robert Kenney

One of the few bands that refuse to let Punk (not new wave) die is GGL AND THE JABBERS. Their recent show at Ron's Place (May 9) proved it. The band's music is energetic, raunchy, killer punk rock. New Hampshire's GG has been at it with different musicians since 1977. The current line up is: ALAN CHAPPLE, bass, ROB BASSO, lead guitar, WARREN SPENCER, rhythm guitar, ROLAND SPENCER, drums and GG ALLIN, vocals.

GG's unpredictability and outrageousness on stage has caused the band more than a little trouble. "The liquor commissioner banned us from New Hampshire" GG told me. "We've got a big following there so we have to play under assumed names." Why are you banned? "They say we're obscene." What do they think is obscene, I asked. "We swear on stage," GG explained. "the songs are a little dirty. We've got one called "Assface" and another one called "Gimme Some Head." The other reason is that people throw stuff, eggs and stuff, at the stage. We've got a police report. They don't understand it's all in fun. In Providence last week we did six songs before they pulled us off stage. People were doing body slams and jumping on us. It's like that in Boston. I asked him if they ever had any serious violence at their shows. "Nothing serious, no, it's all in fun."

What is the band's stance? Political or… "Political, not really. We're like the Dead Kennedys, but not as political. It's a sex type stance, sex and violence."

What are your musical influences? "The Stooges, the MC5, Dead Boys, Sex Pistols, and bands like that, particularly the MC5."

Tell me about your shows. "If we can't get the audience to participate, we make them react. We get them furious. We pour beer over them. In Providence they were throwing people out of the club. The audience were ripping the band off the stage. Girls get offended, but they still talk about it. Everyone says we have an attitude against women. We're called sexist with the anti-girl songs. But we're not against women."

What do you think about the direction punk has taken? "We don't care about the trends. People say it's outdated, but we're not outdated," GG said. "I can't stand the fashion shit. On stage I wear ripped jeans."

Where have you played? "CBGB's and we'll be playing there again. Buffalo, Albany, New Hampshire and Maine." What's in the future for the band? "We're going to tour with the Insect Surfers throughout the U.S."

"This week (May 11) we're going into the studio to record for an EP that will be out either late summer or early fall. Genya Raven is getting us some gigs. We had some dates with Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys). He did some songs with us on stage. That was great."

What is your purpose as a band? "The majority of new wave is commercial. We want to bring it back to the basics, the gut level where it began. We want to remind people where it began. It's not for the rich." Do you feel that it just went into the wrong direction? "Yeah, it's gone pop. We want it back at the gut level."

The new EP will also feature Wayne Kramer and Dennis Thompson who have not recorded together since the MC5. David Peel will produce it for Genya Raven's Polish Records. The songs will include "Gimme Some Head"; "Occupation" and "Dead Or Alive". GGL AND THE JABBERS were invited back to Ron's Place, look for it. If you think Punk is dead get out of Macy's and go see GGL AND THE JABBERS.

GG has one album out "Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be" which is on Orange Records. It is available for $5.99 as well as the "Bored To Death" EP for $3.00 and the 45 "1980's Rock & Roll" for $2.00 through GG ALLIN, 542 Beech St., Manchester, NH 03104. Check if FESTOON'S has any copies of the album left before sending.

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