Malpractice Press Kit (1977)

Press package that Malpractice sent to a music fanatic in New Jersey in July 1977, after he wrote to the band when he saw their bio in Rock Scene magazine (March 1977). Click photos to enlarge.

Malpractice press kit
10" x 8" poster on thin cardstock. This is the same poster that Kevin cut down and taped to create the Malpractice picture sleeve.
Malpractice press kit
8" x 10" cardstock poster, cut down from 11" x 17" presumably to fit into a smaller mailing envelope. The bottom portion which says "Specializing In Hard Rock" was cut off and used for Kevin's written note (below).

Malpractice press kitAlthough not signed, this note was written by Kevin (however, at first glance it does resemble Merle's writing!) — compare the handwriting to the index card below, specifically the words "send, "you, "tape," "the" and the letter "c."

Malpractice press kitBusiness card front
Malpractice press kit
Business card back

Malpractice press kit
45 promo typed on a 3" x 5" index card, announcing a different b-side!

Flipside of the index card with a handwritten note from Kevin.

Malpractice resume: 45 combined years of experience!
Malpractice press kit
Amazing selection of hard rock and a few Ramones tunes!

Malpractice press kitQuite the hefty gear list. More cowbell!
Malpractice press kit
"A rocker's work is never done."

Malpractice press kitOriginal envelope postmarked July 7, 1977 (7/7/77!)

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