Various - You'll Hate This Record LP (1983)

Various Artists
The “You’ll Hate This Record” Record LP

Label: The Only Label In The World (OLP-001)
Released: May 1983
Tracks: A Fuck Up / No Rules

Well-known for the plastic vomit glued to the cover, Mykel Board’s (Artless, Maximum Rock N Roll) 1983 compilation LP possesses two 1982 GG tracks, “A Fuck Up” (the LP’s kickoff track) and “No Rules” (the closer) — both remixed at Dark Star studio in New Boston, NH. The bass is louder, giving them more power, and the vocals might be set back just a tad. The bottom sound definitely gives these tunes some extra kick, and it’s recommended picking up this album for these alternate mixes — it rarely breaks the $10-$15 mark.


GG Allin You'll Hate This Record
New England is represented by the New Hampshire animal himself, GG Allin, who turns in two unspectacular "punk" songs. (Now GG, I didn't say uninspired, I said unspectacular.) I hate this record not because it's good, bad or offensive but because it's mediocre. Why waste vinyl on mediocrity when labels like CBS and Capitol have been doing it for years?
— Boston Rock #39 (Boston, MA) April 27, 1983

GG Allin You'll Hate This Record
This is one hell of a compilation featuring some of the most hated bands in the country. Features two outstanding cuts by the notorious GG Allin & The Jabbers — "A Fuckup" and "No Rules" … Makes for hours and hours of great listening. A must have item!!
— Malice #4 (Memphis, TN) circa mid-1983

GG Allin You'll Hate This Record
And as usual, Dark Star in New Boston has been at it both in the studio and on the road. GG Allin & The Jabbers were mixing two songs for a compilation called America's Most Hated Bands.
— Sweet Potato (MA/NH) November 1982

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  1. My two copies have another label. One is third pressing.