Various - You'll Hate This Record LP (1983)

Various Artists
The “You’ll Hate This Record” Record LP

Label: The Only Label In The World (OLP-001)
Released: May 1983
Tracks: A Fuck Up / No Rules

Well-known for the plastic vomit glued to the cover, Mykel Board’s (Artless, Maximum Rock N Roll) 1983 compilation LP possesses two 1982 GG tracks, “A Fuck Up” (the LP’s kickoff track) and “No Rules” (the closer) — both appearing with a slightly different mix than the EP. The bass is louder, giving them more power, and the vocals might be set back just a tad. The bottom sound definitely gives these tunes some extra kick, and it’s recommended picking up this album for these alternate mixes — it rarely breaks the $10-$15 mark.

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