GG Allin & The Jabbers - "Live" Tasteless Animal Noise cassette (1982)

GG Allin & The Jabbers
"Live" a.k.a. Tasteless Animal Noise (homemade cassette)

Label: n/a
Year: Late 1982
Tracks: Radio Promo / Nuke Attack / You’re Wrong, I’m Right•• / You Hate Me & I Hate You•• / Bored To Death•• / Automatic / Don’t Talk To Me / Gimme Some Head / I’ll Never Call•• / Pills•• / I Wanna Be Your Dog•• / Assface

Recorded live at The Channel 9/9/81 (Boston); Club Meri-mac 1/31/82 (Manchester, NH); Brothers 9/3/82 (West Haven, CT)

The Channel 9/9/81 (Boston)
•• Club Meri-mac 1/31/82 (Manchester, NH)

The Brothers (CT) 9/3/82 show is used only for snippets of banter; no songs are used.

Note to YouTube trawlers: Most videos do not feature the correct versions used on the original tape.

For quite some time, before the reissue flood started in the mid-90s, the only way you could hear unreleased Jabbers tunes and early live antics was on the “Tasteless Animal Noise” cassette. The selections are culled from gigs at The Channel in Boston (September 1981) and Club Merrimac in Merrimac, NH (January 1982), with additional live dialogue from the West Haven Dump in Connecticut (September 1982) — and strung together into one “complete” show. Things kick off with a radio promo ad for the first LP, produced by the Allin brothers’ hometown buddy and Malpractice co-founder Jeff Penney. Besides some comical stage banter, the tape boasts a few cuts that were previously unreleased at the time: “Nuke Attack” (later transformed with the Scumfucs into “I Wanna Piss On You”), “I’ll Never Call,” sung by Al Chapple, and cover versions of the New York Dolls’ “Pills” and the Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog.” Also included is the original version of “NYC Tonight” when it was called “You’re Wrong, I’m Right.” Studio versions of “Nuke Attack” (with guitarist Rob Basso handling vocals) and Chapple’s “I’ll Never Call” — outtakes from the May 1980 “Always Was” sessions — were dusted off and finally released on the Jabbers tribute CD.

GG Allin Tasteless Animal Noise GG Allin Tasteless Animal Noise

GG Allin Tasteless Animal Noise GG Allin Tasteless Animal Noise


GG Allin Tasteless Animal Noise
"Tasteless Animal Noise" limited edition live cassette. Pretty good stuff, a hell of a lot better than his other stuff. Sound quality is not that great but the great songs and crowd reations make up for it. Don't know how much it costs ... Got mine for free ...
— And Don't You Forget It #1 (Detroit, MI) 1983

GG Allin Tasteless Animal Noise
This is a great tape, it's too bad that it's such a low budget recording. Produced by Dick Urine. The sound quality isn't the best but the music & lyrics make up for it. GG Allin & The Jabbers are GG Allin - vocals, Alan Chapple - bass, Stephen Spinard & Steve Lessard - guitar & drums. These guys really know how to thrash & trash. Some of the songs included are "Gimme Some Head" & GG's own versions of the New York Dolls "Pills" & Iggy's "I Wanna Be Your Dog." One of the sickest & best tapes I've heard in quite a while. Interested write GG Allin, POB 54, Hookset, NH 03106
— Malice #4 (Memphis, TN) Fall 1983

GG Allin Tasteless Animal Noise
Old GG doesn't give up, but then why should he? This unclear live recording doesn't quite pack the punch of his studio offerings, but it does feature some imbecilic between-song raps by way of compensation. You'd probably have to see GG in person to get the full effect of his tastelessness.
— Maximum Rock N Roll #6 (Berkeley, CA) May/June 1983
Scan courtesy of Chris Minicucci

GG Allin Tasteless Animal Noise
GG Allin is the hardcore Ed Blassie of New Hampshire. His “live” cassette was produced by Dick Urine and is subtitled “Tasteless Animal Noise.” For all that, it’s more than listenable. I just wish the sound quality was better — but I guess that comes with the turf, like shouted obscenities and murky musicianship a la old Stooges. Check it out.
— OP (Olympia, WA) The "R" Issue, July-August 1983

GG Allin Tasteless Animal Noise
Limited edition live cassette (produced by Dick Urine, no less!). Hey! This is the breast thing GG ever put out, mainly cuz it actually sounds like noise for once an not snot-pop as per the norm! Fancy that! Contains almost alla gentle GG's greatest shits that u just can't stop listening 2, a few gnu 1s, an' a barn-burner cover of "Pills" by da Dolls ... all recorded in fine portable recorder fashion... Don't be the last on yor block! Write GG-baby at PO Box 54, Hooksett, NH 03106!
— Sick Teen (Green Bay, WI), 1983
Scan courtesy of Chris Minicucci

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