Inner Mystique #2 (Summer 1983)

Inner Mystique #2
Published: Summer 1983
Stillwater, Oklahoma

What's GG Allin been doing since I.M. #1? Well, let me quote from a note I got from him in March [1983]:

"Here's an update on the continuing story of GG. As of now, we can't play in Mass. for awhile, as after getting arrested none of us went to court. So they have a warrant out on us. We just finished a bloody gig at the Living Room in Providence, RI -- many fans booted out and many fistfights. Also in April and May we will be touring with Jeff Dahl, former lead singer with the Angry Samoans and editor of Creatures In The Night. He's a madman too so it should be great. On that tour with Jeff we'll be playing DC, Philly, NY, Jersey, and maybe Mass. and NH if things cool down."

Let's hope that tour materialized. Big news is that GG has a new band and a new record. His new band is The Scumfucs, and he's got a new 5 song ep out in USA and Germany. Don't know the title but some cuts are "Hard Candy Cock" "Drink Fight and Fuck" etc. Only $3.49 postpaid. GG was by far the most controversial article in IM#1 and I got some negative flak for including him, so keep up the good work GG. His live cassette ($4.00 ppd.) is what punk should be: loud, offensive, sloppy, killer. He also is on the new LP "You'll Hate This Record," which includes 8 of America's most hated bands, including Shockabilly, led by Eugene Chadbourne, whom I met in Denver in 76 when he did Derek Hailey-esque solo gtr concerts.

Anyway, GG is still the most exciting performer in punk -- his ep which I gave away with IM #1 went over really well, and he continues to "separate the men from the boys" with his music and lifestyle. He even took a full page ad in that asswipe Boston Rock recently and it's easily the best thing to ever appear in the rag (next to Byron Coley's occasional pieces on the Minutemen, Meat Puppets, etc.). Write GG at PO Box 54, Hooksett, New Hampshire, 03106.

GG's "Live" cassette made the "Fave LP's Of 1982" list: "Better than Metallic KO"

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