Chainsaw #5 (1982)

Published: Circa September 1982
Bethlehem, PA

GG Allin Chainsaw magazine GG Allin Chainsaw magazine GG Allin Chainsaw magazine

Interview of Public Animal #1

GG Allin is a wildman onstage. He can alienate an entire audience faster than a truckload of cops. He defines his music as puke rock – loud, fast and loathsome. No label really fits it. It's just garbage band fun. When seeing him live, most folks either hate him or love him (or they just leave). His philosophy is to attack the audience and drive 'em to their knees. Social decorum out the window, 'cause whatever he feels like doing he'll do. With songs like "Bored To Death" and "Gimme Some Head" ya know that's true. But he's a showman, too. He says he'd fuckin' die on stage to make an impression, but you know the man takes care of himself. But the man also does what he wants. The band started in '79 before there was a scene in Boston. His first single, "Bored To Death" was as loud and fast and raw as anything today. GG thinks today's bands are friggin' great, but he didn't start out wanting to be like the LA bands – he preceded them.

He started out in '79 and has gone through a bunch of musicians in trying to find some who would stick and play his kinda music and forget going after bucks. An album of GG's in '80 lead him to meetin' Wayne and Dennis of the MC5. Since they were punk pioneers – along with the Stooges – GG wanted to get the 2/5ths of the ol' MC5 with him. They liked his street music and played on "Gimme Some Head."

GG has a pop voice in a punk world, but that doesn't worry him none. As he answers to anything that questions him – fuck it. He screams out there anyway. There's a lot to be said for his upfront attitude of suck me off if ya don't like me – it makes for some fun listening. With the action-attack attitude of alienating the audience, GG figures he'll be around for awhile doing what he's been doin' all along and if ya don't like it – he doesn't give a sweet...

GG Allin's records are like he is – abrasive, but it feels good. There's a pop sensibility lurking underneath the punk exterior. "Automatic" is punk-pop and well done. Catchy melodies, a unique vocalization, ripping bass lines and humorous, tormented lyrics make for engaging music. "Assface" is a real party tune and "I Hate You," GG's anthem, is a definite fast-rock number. These plats are different, well done, and really defy categorization. Try 'em out.

(GG Allin, 542 Beech St., Manchester, NH 03104)

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