GG Allin & The Jabbers - Bored To Death 45 (1979)

GG Allin & The Jabbers
Bored To Death / Beat Beat Beat // One Man Army

Label: Blood Records (59 • 903071)
circa Jan/Feb 1978, Dancing Moose Studio - Cherryfield, ME
Released: May 1979 (matrix indicates March 1979 pressing)

Lineup: GG Allin (drums, vocals), Merle Allin (bass), Peter Henault (guitar)

GG Allin & The Jabbers Bored To DeathOriginal version, front
GG Allin & The Jabbers Bored To DeathOriginal version, back
GG Allin & The Jabbers Bored To Death
GG Allin & The Jabbers Bored To Death

GG Allin & The Jabbers Bored To DeathSecond version, front
GG Allin & The Jabbers Bored To DeathSecond version, back

Twenty-one year-old Kevin Allin (drums, vocals), his brother Merle (bass), and local guitarist Peter Henault assault the reel-to-reel in 1978 with some Iggy-cum-Ramones inspired basement punk rock. These three tracks were recorded in the early winter months of ’78 during a blizzard — with the band braving a five-hour road trip from Vermont to Dancing Moose Studio in Cherryfield, Maine. Resurrecting his childhood nickname and shedding the backseat skins role for frontman duties, GG initiated with this debut a barrage of tasteless tunage and self-promotion that would fester and multiply for the next 14 years. Self-released over a year later in mid-1979 on his own Blood Records label in a likely edition of 500 copies, this remains one of the two most elusive GG singles. To add insult to injury, two sleeve variations exist. The first sleeve contains two crossed knives on the upper right corner, and no graphics on the back, just typed credits. The second version replaces the knives with a small photo-booth shot of a young GG sporting a Ramones t-shirt, and the back is graced with a picture of GG giving the finger (from the same fruitful photo-booth session). The paper stock on this version matches the sleeve on the next single, “Cheri Love Affair,” leading me to believe that he probably made up a new batch of sleeves (adding his photos) around the time “Cheri” came out. Seeing as the covers were all cut, folded and glued by hand, I’m guessing he didn’t re-press the single; rather, he most likely didn’t create enough for the entire pressing first time around and needed to whip up some more.

After cutting this single, GG assembled a band in order to play out live. Since Merle moved to Boston in April 1978 to play with The Thrills, GG recruited childhood buddy Alan Chapple for bass duties. (Alan also proposed the name “The Jabbers,” as they used to call people “butt jabbers” as an insult.) Chapple stuck with “Kev” through the entire Jabbers career and also appeared on the “Live Fast Die Fast” single. Guitar and drum slots remained in heavy rotation.


GG Allin Bored To Death
Blood Records, a new wave label, with first release being an EP in mid-May by GG Allin & The Jabbers with a single by AC Derilec to be released later.
— Billboard (New York, NY) March 17, 1979

GG Allin Bored To Death
This disc hails from Manchester, N.H., home of the Club Merrimac and world famous rock star Merle Allin of Thrills who blesses this piece of plastic with his scorching bass lines. The songs are "Bored To Death" & "Beat, Beat, Beat" b/w "One Man Army." Real rockers alright but the sound quality leaves a bit to be desired. I mean it sounds like there's a 3 inch ball of dust on the needle for the whole first side. But they have an explanation for that on the cover-sleeve. This here is history in the making 'cause G.G. is Merle's brother and these here are live tapes from a way back when Merle was livin' up country too … so ya gotta have it for that reason anyway! $1.50 from GG Allin 1152 Elm St. #203 Manchester N.H. 03101.
— Boston Groupie News #21 (Cambridge, MA) circa May/June 1979

GG Allin Bored To Death
G.G. Allin and the Jabbers, featuring Thrills' bassist Merle Allin (G.G.'s brother), check in with an EP on Blood Records. The program is "Bored to Death," "Beat, Beat, Beat" and "One Man Army," and it's available for $3 from G. G. Allin, 1152 Elm Street, No. 203, Manchester, NH 03101.
— Boston Phoenix (Boston, MA) May 15, 1979

GG Allin Bored To Death
The premier punk rockers of Manchester, NH, G.G. Allin and the Jabbers, have an uncompromising EP available at Music City and Nuggets. They'll soon be playing "Bored to Death," "Beat, Beat, Beat," "One Man Army" and their other hits in Boston and environs.
— Boston Phoenix (Boston, MA) July 31, 1979

GG Allin Bored To Death
G.G. and The Jabbers "Bored To Death" and "Beat, Beat, Beat" b/w "One Man Army" live studio EP. This is their first record and I like it!
— Killer Children #1 (Boston, MA) Fall 1979

GG Allin Bored To Death
GG and the Jabbers go live with "Bored To Death," "Beat, Beat, Beat" and other punk-fast statements. (Three clams from 1152 Elm St., #203, Manchester, N. Hampshire 01301.)
— Rock Scene / Lenny Kaye, a.k.a. "Doc Rock" (New York, NY) November 1979

GG Allin Bored To Death
This is pure junk, I mean punk, so raw you'll think your stereo's broken. Not an inkling of intellect, talent or innovation is on this record. The lyrics are dumb and offensive: "Beat, beat, beat / Beat on me, bitch." The songs make Never Mind The Bullocks sound smooth by comparison. We recommend it. Sorry we didn't review it last issue.
— Subway News #3 (Boston, MA) Jan/Feb 1980

GG Allin Bored To Death
G.G. Allin Sends Out First Release. G.G. Allin and the Jabbers, a new wave band from Manchester, N.H., have released their first single on Blood Records; "Bored To Death / Beat, Beat, Beat" b/w "One Man Army." A truly rough mix, the single is recorded in true punk rock fashion, with tremendous amounts of bashing and screaming power chords, and "bored with the world" lyrics. The single was recorded at Dancing Moose Studios and engineered by John Stewart. The record may be obtained through Blood Records, 1152 Elm St. #203, Manchester, N.H. 03101.
— Sweet Potato (Portland, ME) 1979

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